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Our strength - proven-track records in providing SMART, Innovative IT Services & Solutions, regardless deadlines, budget and complexity

We, at StarLab are proud to have the trust of clients in Automotive, Banking & Insurance, Outsourcing, Service Providers, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, and other fields.

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Here, at StarLab we understand the impact Innovation has in businesses. We have a strong team of experts ready to serve and bring your most daring ideas into life.

We ensure:

  • Minimized costs & risks
  • Maximized efficiency
  • Guarantee delivery on-time
  • Full process flow 4 complex projects
  • Full support on delivered projects

Big or small, complex or easy, we ensure delivering products in accordance to the highest international quality standards

We are committed and take full responsiblity to every single project we deliver: not simply execution, but our best practices applied to each project

We are always on top with the latest trends in Tech which are applied within each StarLab team member

At the base of every relationship is trust. We ensure confidentiality towards the client and accept only the projects we know we deliver. Our NDA policy is strict and transparent

At the core of every successful delivered project stands teamwork. Our teams harmoniously combines the best and unique visions and practices costumed for each business

Our credo is transparency, integrity, courage and respect to one another
















Outsourcing & Consulting

DevOps & Infrastructure



More than 4 billions of people all over the world use the Internet; thus, the way your business looks online is essential for your company’s profits growth. The area of specialization of our WEB team is site creation, making these easy-manageable, adaptive for every type of devices, and with a personal appropriate design.

Services we provide for WEB direction are:

  • Website Development with CMS
  • Landing Page Development
  • Web Applications Development
  • Web Services: Design | Development | Support | QA
  • Web Security Testing & Optimization
  • ChatBot Development
  • Single-Page Applications
  • Monthly Maintenance


In today's business, your mobile app is a proof of your status and reliability. StarLab has a deep understanding of how our devices set today's direction to any business and we have an army ready to serve your needs, from screatch: design, programming, optimization and publishing the app online. We are native in mobile development for both Android & iOS.

The services we provide in MOBILE direction are:

  • Native Mobile App Development Android (Java/Kotlin)
  • Native Mobile App Development iOS (Objective-C/Swift)
  • Neural Network Machine Learning (Android/iOS)
  • Augumented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions
  • App Security & Performance optimization
  • Monthly Maintenance


Would you like to see development and profit enhancement of your business?

The implementation of ERP and CRM solutions will support and improve all the internal processes of a company through systems computerization, working process optimization, giving an opportunity to monitor and design plans in an easier and more beneficial way.

  • Epicor ERP System Development
  • Epicor ERP System Architecture (ERP system modules/components)
  • Epicor ERP System QA & optimization (automated testing of ERP systems solutions)

Outsourcing & Consulting

Consultancy and outsourcing services are essential so as to keep a company's level of competitiveness in business area.

The services we provide in Outsourcing & Consulting areas are:

  • Systems Architecture (System architecture design for web, mobile, infrastructure and misc of apps/services)
  • Dedicated Teams (Short/Long term lease)
  • Extented Teams (Development support for wide range projects using AGILE methodology, Time-Material development outsourcing)
  • Audit (projects & processes; expertise & report formation)
  • Infrastructure Consultancy (Expert consultancy for Security, Performance, IT optimization & Infrastructure development)
  • Development Consultancy (Expert consultancy in IT for Web, Mobile and Enterprise-Grade development)

DevOps & Infrastructure

StarLab offers cost-effective solutions to optimize your business processes with minimum costs and risk-free through best practices applied, customised to every business.

The services we provide in DevOps & Infrastructure direction are:

  • IaC (Building As Code with Terraform, Ansible, Chef, CloudFormation)
  • Container Orchestration (Kubernates, DockerSwarm, Mesos)
  • System Programming
  • xAAS Services (Design, setup, config of SAAS, BAAS, IAAS, misc)
  • CI/CD
  • Monitoring & Logging
  • Security Audit & Configuration
  • Server Administration
  • Architecture Audit & Consulting
  • HighLoad


Throughout past decades, the gaming industry has shown to be one of the fields that has considerably evolved. Today, the industry registers 2,857 PB of online traffic monthly, globally. By 2021, the global estimations in this field constitues 2.2 trillions USD.

The services we offer in Games development are:

  • 2D & 3D video games for mobile platforms on Android & iOS
  • IDE: IDEA (Jet Brains), Unity, Android Studio
  • Languages: Actions Scrips 3.0, (AS3), Java, C#